Public Witnessing Scheduler

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CartSmart was built to streamline the way we schedule our public witnessing shifts. It's goal is to provide the congregation with a hassle free way of finding and scheduling their shifts for public witnessing, and to give the servant body an easy way to let the congregation know what is available, and to simplify the scheduling process.


Book a shift for public witnessing from your sofa. Ask your Service Overseer to get involved in Public Witnessing. He'll book your first shift, and you'll be able to log in to book future shifts afterwards.

Servant Body

CartSmart is a congregation oriented cart witnessing management system. Enabling internal and external scheduling within your congregation, publisher tracking, and placement trends. Simple to use with powerful capabilities.

Cloud Sharing

Keep track of the progress of the congregation

Data-sharing between Kingdom Halls.

All at your fingertips.

The New Trend

CartSmart wants to make things easy for the congregations and those responsible for scheduling.

Join the congregations who are powered by CartSmart

CartSmart is always free for everyone in the congregation. Try it out, press some buttons, schedule your time in the ministry.

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